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Governing board

Governing Board

The Governing Board, GB, is one of the governing bodies of INCF. It is composed of representatives from the Governing Node and observers from the CTSI and European Commission. The GB is responsible for ensuring the financial sustainability of the INCF network and that the activities of the other governing bodies and national nodes align with the mission of INCF.

Country / organization Representative Function
Canada / Simon Fraser University Prof. Randy McIntosh Chair
Germany / The Charité Prof. Petra Ritter, Brain Simulation Center Deputy chair
Sweden / Karolinska Institute Prof. Jeanette Hellgren Kotaleski Member
International Leonid Rubchinsky, OCNS Member
USA / MathWorks Vijay Iver Member
Canada / McGill University Prof. JP Poline Member
European Commission Dr. Mark Goldammer, Dr. Andreas Holtel Observer
USA / University of Washington Prof. Ariel Rokem Observer
USA / University of California Prof William Grisham Observer