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Secretariat services

Secretariat services

With over 15 years of experience in open, FAIR, and citable neuroscience, INCF secretariat is the perfect partner to catalyze an active neuroinformatics community in your area or convene your existing community around training or development projects. We also offer FAIR consultancy services and fiscal sponsorships for projects within INCF’s scope.

The Secretariat provides low-cost financial, administrative, training, and dissemination services for projects operated within the scope of the mission of INCF. Fees are based on the budget and the level of support required. Read more here.

The Secretariat maintains several established and well-used data and knowledge sharing resources to support your project, initiative, or society. We offer subscription packages tailored to your needs. Read more here.

Contract the Secretariat’s neuroinformatics specialists to develop tools, infrastructure, and standards that embrace the principles of open, FAIR, and citable neuroscience. Read more about ongoing or previous co-development projects here.

With 15 years of experience in FAIR and citable neuroscience the Secretariat is well equipped to help draft data management plans, evaluate existing or provide guidance on how to design new FAIR tools and infrastructure. Contact us for more information.

The Secretariat has the expertise, experience, and platforms required to help you build a community for your FAIR neuroinformatics tools, infrastructure, and standards. Read more about how the Secretariat can facilitate your community here.

Contract the Secretariat to organize courses and workshops on topics within the sub-specialisms of  neuroinformatics, data management, and introductory courses to computing for neuroscientists. See our past training activities here.