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INCF Working Group on Cellular Neuroscience with MATLAB


Vijay Iyer, MathWorks
External Co-Chair TBD


This working group serves users and use cases of MATLAB (and Simulink) for cellular-scale neuroscience, including electrical live recordings (e.g., neural probes), optical live recordings (e.g., calcium imaging), and anatomical imaging (e.g., connectomics). The working group is attuned to the associated data streams (e.g., behavioral data), computational methods (e.g., spike sorting, cellular source separation, neural simulation), and research resources/infrastructure (e.g., data archives, data standards). Cellular-scale neuroscience seeks to understand the function and structure of the central & peripheral nervous system at the levels of neurons & glia, including how they connect and interact as modules/networks at larger scales (aka systems neuroscience) and across select modules/networks distributed across the brain/body (the “mesoscale”).

How we work
  • 3 sub-groups: electrical neurophysiology, optical neurophysiology, neuroanatomical imaging
  • Invited community project presentations
  • Annual meeting cycle:
    • Spring - All Hands - Overview
    • Summer - Sub-groups - Community Project Assessment
    • Fall - Sub-groups - Community Project Priority Discussion
  • Technology: Zoom meetings, Google Docs

Vijay Iyer, MathWorks 
Khaled Khairy, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital 
Thomas Künzel, MathWorks 
Simon Peron, New York University 
Nick Steinmetz, University of Washington 
Steve Van Hooser, Waltham Data Science LLC

Completed Deliverables
  • Google Doc per sub-group conveying recommendations to MathWorks Neuroscience team of 2+ priority existing MATLAB community toolbox projects, plus important new MATLAB community toolbox project opportunities, if any
  • Google Doc conveying recommendations to MathWorks product teams of 2+ priority enhancements or issue fixes for the MATLAB and Simulink product families
  • Written recommendations of 1+ key project improvements for 2+ identified priority MATLAB community toolbox projects