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The Virtual Brain Working Group

  • Lia Domide, Codemart
  • Paula Popa, Codemart
  • Mihai Andrei, Codemart

The Virtual Brain (TVB) is a neuroinformatics platform for full brain network simulations using biologically realistic connectivity. It enables the model-based inference of neurophysiological mechanisms across different brain scales that underlie the generation of macroscopic neuroimaging signals including functional MRI (fMRI), EEG and MEG. Learn more at:

How we work

This Working Group is sponsored by the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program, a global program focused on bringing more student developers into open source software development by pairing them to work with an open source organization on a programming project during their break from school. Membership to this working group is not limited to participants in the GSoC program. All interested parties are encouraged to participate.


Robert Parcus, GSoC student, 2014
Devin Bayly, GSoC student, 2016
Dan Pop,GSoC student, 2017
Umar Parooq, GSoC student, 2018
Simone Liu, GSoCstudent, 2019
Nakul Bharti, GSoC student, 2019
Amogh Jori, GSoC student, 2020
Punit Bhatra, GSoC student, 2020


To improve and extend the Virtual Brain simulation platform and surrounding tools. Current projects include: reusable visualization tools for Jupyter, benchmark and optimize TVB areas, and computational modelling of FNIRS and EEG with The Virtual Brain and Kernel Flow. Learn more about the TVB Working Group’s projects.