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Stephen Larson, CEO & co-founder

MetaCell is a life science-focused software company composed of scientists and software engineers with deep domain expertise in computational neuroscience, molecular biology, data science, and enterprise-grade online software development.  We build custom scientific software around novel multi-modal data for creating collaborations amongst scientists as well as helping scientists do their work via data science as a service and data standardization services.

Our solutions have been trusted for over a decade by the world's leading universities and largest pharmaceutical companies.  Our projects include multi-scale 3D anatomical models and 3D simulations of cells and systems to better understand development, physiology, pharmacology, and to model advanced processes like neuronal communication.

Example projects include:

In addition to the custom software we build, MetaCell specializes in data standardization and sharing services to help you meet the requirements of your funding body and ensure your data is properly curated and shared.  We help you adopt the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) principles and have already worked with over 200 established repositories. 

Talk to us if you need to:

  • Build pipelines to format your data so that it can be represented in standard formats
  • Identify target data repositories
  • Securely transfer your data
  • Plan how to maintain compliance and security
  • Build software around novel data or have any additional needs

Visit MetaCell’s website to find out more or contact to set up.

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