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The Korea Brain Initiative (KBRI)


The Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning (MSIP) formed a working group of advisory committee, composed of experts from academia, research institutes, and businesses, to develop a 10-year plan to revolutionize brain science. With their commitment, in-depth research on scientific policies and trends in neuroscience was performed, and the government of Korea has announced the “Korea Brain Initiative” on 30th May 2016. The grand plan features the development of neurotechnology and reinforcement of the neuroscience ecosystem with a vision to advance brain science by enhancing the local, national, and global networks. 

The Korea Brain Initiative includes an expected role of brain science to drive the fourth industrial revolution, and aims at understanding the principles of high brain function, producing a new dynamic picture of healthy and diseased brains, developing personalized treatment for mental and neurological disorders by extrapolating the concept of precision medicine, and stimulating the interaction between scientific institutes, academia and industry.

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