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CatalystNeuro is a software consulting company that provides data engineering and data science expertise to neurophysiology labs. One of our main focuses is enabling open data in neurophysiology. We help labs convert to the Neurodata Without Borders (NWB) standard and publish data on the DANDI Archive. We also work with the NWB and DANDI teams to disseminate the technology and ensure that these tools meet the needs of the community. We build tools for data standardization, quality control, and data visualization, and help tool builders integrate with this ecosystem. We aim to ensure that data is accessible and usable for secondary analysis.

Another focus is enabling state-of-the-art data processing. We are developing SpikeInterface, a community-driven open source library for creating cutting-edge spike sorting pipelines. We work with developers around the world to incorporate, test, document, and package their state-of-the-art algorithms and visualizations, making them accessible to the community. We also build custom solutions for experimentalists to address their unique spike sorting challenges.

As a company rather than a lab, we can focus on data engineering challenges in the field that are often neglected in the standard academic model. Rather than focusing on publishing papers of novel findings, we are able to devote the necessary attention to making data and software open and reusable, both through software engineering and through collaborations with field leaders. Read more about CatalystNeuro

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