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Candidate best practice


The MDAR framework establishes a minimum set of requirements in transparent reporting applicable to studies in the life sciences. The MDAR checklist is a tool for authors, editors and others seeking to adopt the MDAR framework for transparent reporting in manuscripts and other outputs and designed to provide a harmonizing principle for reporting requirements currently in use at various journals.


Official blog

Three documents have been publicly released on OSF
- the MDAR Framework (link)
- the MDAR Checklist for Authors (link)
- the MDAR Framework and Checklist Elaboration Document (link)
A coordinated blogpost published by 13 publishers simultaneously (link to PLOS blog)
A presentation held at NASEM2019 (slides)

Supporting software

Usage scenario

Use this best practice if you want:

  • A “minimum standards” framework setting out minimum expectations across four core areas of materials (including data and code), design, analysis and reporting (MDAR)
  • A “minimum standards” checklist intended to operationalize the framework by serving as an implementation tool to aid authors in complying with journal policies, and editors and reviewers in assessing reporting and compliance with policies
  • An “elaboration” document or user guide providing context for the “minimum standards” framework and checklist