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Why you should join INCF

3 December 2019

INCF has reshaped as organization to a new, member-based model. Now you can be a member in INCF, both as an individual or as an organization or company. So why join? To get better access to collaborators all over the world. To come to our Assembly with a discounted fee. To have priority access to our training events. To be encouraged - and encourage others - in your efforts to write good tools, share data, or make your science reproducible and open.

Become a member

Does your field have a problem that could be solved by having standard data formats, workflows or tools? Gather a few like-minded and apply to form a Special Interest Group to work on solutions. INCF will help you validate and promote the results. Or if you already found a solution, apply for working group funding to complete your project.

Do you have a hard time finding good courses to complement or extend your training with? INCF has an online training hub with materials for educators and students, a neuroscience encyclopedia based on over 1M publicly available datasets, and a forum ( where you can meet community members to share your efforts with, or to ask for help and information. We also run courses, thematic workshops, and hackathons.

The complete list of individual membership benefits is here.

INCF’s mission is to make neuroscience more open, FAIR, and citeable. If your organization or company is involved in areas such as neuroscience, brain health, neuroscience tool development or computational modelling, you can benefit from access to the INCF community by joining as an organizational or a corporate member. You can also participate in the process to review and endorse community standards and best practices through our Council for Science and Infrastructure, or as a company representative in our Industry Advisory Council.

The complete list of organizational membership levels and benefits is here.

The complete list of corporate membership levels and benefits is here.