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Why join INCF?

18 August 2020

Recent global health threats have shown more clearly than ever that scientific progress happens faster through collaboration when scientific results are open and accessible. INCF supports and promotes the development of open and FAIR standards and best practices to make data collection and processing easier for neuroscientists. Our community is dedicated to push open neuroscience and we support its work in developing the tools and resources needed to make this possible. 

We have recently made it easier to have a voice in how our work is being done by opening up membership in INCF to individuals, institutions, projects, and companies. Membership in INCF gives you a voice in the discussions around standardization, training, and open science by either direct or elected representation on our different councils and committees. Other benefits include discounts to events, products, and services, and the possibility to acquire funding for developing standards and best practices.

What membership options are available?
INCF has the following membership categories: institution, company, and individual.

The institution category is open to any academic institutions, research institutes, non-profit organizations, or scientific or technical projects. Benefits include a number of individual memberships, direct or elected representation on INCF councils, discounts on products and services from INCF and our collaborators, and access to grants for working groups.

The company category is open to commercial entities that provide products and services in areas related to neuroscience, neurotech, data science, and e-infrastructure. Benefits include direct representation on the newly formed Industry Advisory Council, direct or elected representation on INCF councils, and several benefits around marketing to the INCF community.

Individual members have a wide range of benefits including elected representation on INCF councils, discounted registration to the INCF Assembly, access to training resources, and access to potential collaborators in the global INCF network. INCF members also have the option to become members of FENS at no additional costs, with access to the large selection of benefits that FENS offers. 

Since launching this new membership model in November 2019, INCF has recruited 8 institutions and 6 companies, and over 230 individual members. Many more are currently working towards joining for 2021. 

What do our members say about INCF?

“One Mind supports open neuroscience because it's one of the few known ways to accelerate knowledge. It's also cost effective by maximizing what can be learned. Access to data makes it possible to ask new questions, externally validate previous research, test tools and build new models, and also discover inconsistencies or errors in the data analysis. Open science accelerates research, but it is also complicated. INCF has been ahead of the curve in acknowledging the complexity and the need for international coordination to develop standards and practical tools that align with ethical and regulatory considerations.”  -  Mona Hicks, One Mind


“What drew me to INCF was the potential to build a network that would be beneficial to me and my colleagues. Open neuroscience gives opportunities to everyone to contribute to neuroscience.” - Ibrahima Faye, IHA


“Neuroscience is constantly evolving so to maximise the potential of our discoveries we need to collaborate openly with scientists from different fields around the world; INCF provides the tools and community to facilitate these collaborations.” -  Professor Gary Egan, Australian Research Council, Centre of Excellence for Integrative Brain Function


“I didn’t know about INCF until I came across an exhibition booth during a conference. There was a demonstration going on which was really well aligned to my research. I stopped by to listen, stayed to talk with the people, and became really convinced that the research problems I was having were shared with many, and that there was a community seeking solutions for them.”  - Marcello Rosa, Australian Research Council, Centre of Excellence for Integrative Brain Function


“MathWorks is proud to serve many users and use cases of technical computing in the Neuroscience field. Today’s neuroscientists are grappling with many informatics challenges involving neuroscience code, models, and data. By joining INCF we seek to contribute to the field’s development and dissemination of best practices, tools, and resources to succeed.”  -  Vijay Iver, MathWorks


Join the INCF network to be encouraged and encourage others in your efforts to write good tools, share data, and make your science reproducible and open!


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