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The Neuromatch Academy - Online computational neuroscience training event

22 April 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has canceled summer school and other training options that help to build the core skills necessary to help early researchers integrate computational, theoretical and experimental neuroscience. A group of summer school organizers have joined forces with the Neuromatch initiative (started by Konrad Körding) to form an online school aimed at providing this kind of training. Specifically, the Neuromatch Academy will aim to be a world-wide, online, distributed training programme for early stage neuroscience researchers (MA and early PhD) that would precede and provide fundamentals for more advanced summer schools. The goal is to specifically target underserved regions where access to traditional summer schools and core training may be difficult to get. We hope that this will be a model for extending this training support to these targets and anyone else interested beyond this year.

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