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Meet our members!

24 August 2020

Have you considered membership at INCF? We support, develop & promote standards & best practices to make life easier for neuroscientists. Members get benefits: discounts to events, products & services, funding, & a voice in decisions for global open & FAIR neuro strategies.

Our institutional members include the IHA, One Mind, the ARC Centre of Excellence for Integrative Brain Function, the Allen Institute, the eScience Institute, INS, and OCNS. Here's who they are and why they joined INCF:


The Institute of Health & Analytics (IHA) works on performing & translating health & analytics research to enhance human health & society via: biomed implant manufacture & rehab; stroke assessment, modelling & rehab; wearable technology, & more.

“What drew me to INCF was the potential to build a network that would be beneficial to me and my colleagues. Open neuroscience gives opportunities to everyone to contribute to neuroscience.”

Ibrahima Faye, IHA

One Mind is a leading international brain & mental health nonprofit working to create a world where those facing brain health challenges can build healthy productive lives. They support collaborative research & promote open science & data sharing.

“One Mind supports open neuroscience because it's one of the few known ways to accelerate knowledge. It's also cost effective by maximizing what can be learned. Access to data makes it possible to ask new questions, externally validate previous research, test tools and build new models, and also discover inconsistencies or errors in the data analysis. Open science accelerates research, but it is also complicated. INCF has been ahead of the curve in acknowledging the complexity and the need for international coordination to develop standards and practical tools that align with ethical and regulatory considerations.”

Mona Hicks, One Mind

The Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Integrative Brain Function (ARC CEIBF) focuses on brain structures & functions that drive attention, prediction & decision-making to understand how the brain interacts with the world. They do this by facilitating collaborations with Australia’s leading brain researchers.

“Neuroscience is constantly evolving so to maximise the potential of our discoveries we need to collaborate openly with scientists from different fields around the world; INCF provides the tools and community to facilitate these collaborations.”

Professor Gary Egan, Australian Research Council
Centre of Excellence for Integrative Brain Function

The University of Washington’s eScience Institute empowers researchers & students to answer fundamental questions using large, complex & noisy data. They lead innovators in the techniques, technologies & best practices of data science & the fields that depend on them.

“INCF provides an excellent complement to our activities on campus and allows us to connect our campus community to the global neuroinformatics community. The focus of INCF on standards and best practices matches the Institute's focus on these aspects of data-driven research and provides resources and connections that we need to educate, train, and support researchers on campus. Reproducible and open science have always been a core part of the Institute's mission. In neuroscience, in particular, the development of standards and tools for open and reproducible research allows researchers to make connections across the many different scales and systems in which neuroscience measurements are made. The advent of open large-scale sharing of data, as exemplified by the work of our neighbors at the Allen Institute for Brain Science, for example, is already providing insights across many different kinds of questions.”

Ariel Rokem, UofW eScience Institute


The Allen Institute for Brain Science is a nonprofit that generates public resources used globally by researchers & orgs, drives tech & analytical advances, & discovers fundamental brain properties via integration of experiments, modelling & theory.


The Institut de Neurosciences des Systèmes (INS) is a multidisciplinary research institute in France. INS is focused on understanding human brain complexity & dynamics, & its links to cognition, consciousness & their disorders.


The Organization for Computational Neurosciences (OCNS) is an American nonprofit that creates a scientific & educational forum for students, scientists, other professionals & the public to learn about, share, contribute to, & advance the state of knowledge in computational neuroscience.


Membership in INCF is more than discounts & the chance to nominate members for committees. It's access to an extensive community holding a range of expertise, enabling better collaborations!

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