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Meet our company members!

28 August 2020

Have you considered membership at INCF? We support, develop & promote standards & best practices to make life easier for neuroscientists. Members get benefits: discounts to events, products & services, funding, & a voice in decisions for global open & FAIR neuro strategies.

Our company members include the MBF Bioscience (MicroBrightField), MathWorks, SciCrunch, Novela Neurotech, OpenBCI, and Brackfynn. Here's who they are and why they joined INCF:

MBF Bioscience (MicroBrightField) provides researchers with tools for quantitative microscopy & big image data management. Their software allows researchers to obtain accurate, quantitative, and FAIR data from leading microscope systems.

MathWorks is the leading developer of mathematical computing software. MATLAB & Simulink are fundamental teaching & research tools that engineers & scientists worldwide rely on for discovery, innovation, & development.

SciCrunch adds value to existing resources by increasing their discoverability, accessibility, visibility, utility & interoperability. It provides access to content that is traditionally “hidden” from web search engines.

NovelaNeurotech accelerates discovery of effective cures for many neurological conditions. Their Neureka™ platform reduces the clinical development time of neurostimulation therapies, enabling companies to launch cures faster.

OpenBCI has been creating open-source tools for neuroscience & biosensing since 2014. Their mission is to democratize access to neurotechnology by providing low-cost, high-quality, fully-transparent hardware & software.

Blackfynn is developing a scalable cloud-based solution for collaborative research. Their publicly accessible Discover platform provides access to datasets from the Blackfynn Data Management Platform.

Membership in INCF is more than discounts & the chance to nominate members for committees. It's access to an extensive community holding a range of expertise, enabling better collaborations!

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