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KCNI Summer Academy 2023 Virtual School

30 May 2023

INCF is happy to announce that the CAMH Krembil Centre for Neuroinformatics (KCNI) will host a virtual learning week, where KCNI scientists will share their knowledge with learners worldwide through open public webinars. This year's virtual content will feature all KCNI scientists and show the complete cycle of working with the clinic to collect data, multi-scale modeling and prediction, and returning research insights to the clinic. These lectures are public and open to all interested! Pre-registration for the public webinar series is not required. For more information on the topics and speakers see: KCNI Summer Academy 2023 Virtual School.

This unique learning opportunity will prepare participants to handle and analyze multiple data types in hopes that their own research may benefit from collaborative, multi-modal approaches. Critically, participants will also learn about best practices for data management and quality control in the context of integrative analysis.

KCNI is a member organization of the Ontario Neuroinformatics Consortium (ONiC), which is itself a member of INCF. By continuing to offer open and public access to high-value courses and training such as these, KCNI is directly contributing to the shared mission of INCF: to make resources and training materials freely available to as many scientists as possible. 

When: June 19-23, 2023

Intended Audience: Open to learners worldwide! Undergraduate learners, graduate students, post-graduate research and clinical fellows, as well as early-career scientists with interest in learning more about clinical research and neuroinformatics are encouraged to join.

Course Format: Virtual Webinar Series

Cost: Free


Registration: Opening in June! Pre-registration for the series is not required. Registration will remain open until the series is complete.