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INCF special interest event at FENS Forum

30 January 2020

21st century global neuroscience collaboration - Sculpting a FAIR and Open Landscape

The emergence of a number of international collaboratives generating vast amounts of brain big data have generated a demand for data sharing that will require an unprecedented level of cooperation to openly share not only our data, but also our tools for making data FAIR, and analyzable. The significant obstacles posed by different data sharing restrictions due to different privacy regulations (like GDPR), differences in the platform usability due to the needs of original stakeholders, or different national ethical restrictions on data acquisition and use, create a confounding landscape for us to navigate. This event is designed to inform the community of the brain data-driven efforts in the international arena, and open the discussion as to how we can combine our resources to achieve greater international cooperation in openly sharing data, AI and best practices - to enable us all to move forward synergistically.

     12:00     Introduction of topic and panelists - Jane Roskams, INCF and University British Columbia
     12:10     Background - Maryann Martone, INCF and University California San Diego
     12:20     Panel discussion
                   Jane Roskams, INCF and University British Columbia
                   Samantha White, NINDS, NIH
                   Jan Bjaalie, University of Oslo and Human Brain Project
                   Linda RIchards, IBI and the Australian Brain Alliance
                   Jean-Baptiste Poline, McGill University and Canadian Neuroinformatics (NeuroHub/CONP)
                   Kenneth Harris, International Brain Lab