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INCF at SfN 2019 in Chicago!

6 October 2019

INCF will be present as exhibitor at Neuroscience 2019 in Chicago, IL, October 19-23. As usual, we will be co-located with a number of other neuroinformatics exhibitors, and we will host demos from our member countries and other INCF-associated projects. Come find us in booth 2117!

INCF booth activities

At the INCF booth we are demoing some of the Standards and Best Practices (SBPs) as well as tools & services that INCF is supporting and INCF products and services that are developed through various collaborative projects. 

Come and participate in these demos and get a t-shirt, co-sponsored by MetaCell and GigaScience or a FAIR (Fantastic And Incredibly Reusable) coffeecup! 


Demo schedule

  Sunday (Oct 20th) Monday (Oct 21st) Tuesday (Oct 22nd) Wednesday (Oct 23rd)
09:30-11:15 NITRC BIDS NIX KnowledgeSpace &
11:25-13:10 Neurobot & 
NWB NITRC Neurobot & 
13:20-15:05 KnowledgeSpace & 
NITRC KnowledgeSpace & 
KnowledgeSpace & 
Neurobot &


Please let us know which demos you are interested in here!

Workshops and posters

Sunday, October 20, 12pm - 2pm
"Science Management"
Location: Room N228
Moderator: Tanya Brown
Panelists: Tina Kokan, Theresa Rass, Randy McIntosh, Helena Ledmyr, Christa Studzinski

Sunday, October 20, 08:00-12:00
INCF TrainingSpace poster
Presentation Number: 023.10SU
Posterboard Number: CC66 

Monday, October 21, 12pm - 2pm
"Teaching Computation in Neuroscience"
Location: Room N227
Moderator: William E. Grisham, Richard F. Olivo
Panelists: Walter E. Babiec, Mathew B. Abrams, Adrienne L. Fairhall, Pascal Wallisch, Robert E. Kass


Social activities

Sunday, October 20,18:45-20:45
"Open, FAIR, and Reproducible Neuroscience Social" 
Location: Room N136
This social will provide a forum for all neuroscientists interested in open, FAIR, and reproducible science to exchange ideas. Find new collaborators who have resources you need, recruit new users for your tools, or join up to solve standards and interoperability issues with other scientists and developers. Come and help to make neuroscience research more reproducible!