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INCF Assembly submissions are open: investigator presentations and poster abstracts!

25 March 2024

INCF Assembly submissions are open: investigator presentations and poster abstracts!

The INCF Assembly is a unique venue where neuroscience standards developers, infrastructure providers, and software developers have the opportunity to interact with the research community to share the latest advancements in neuroinformatics, this year on the topic of Brain Meets AI: Pioneering the Future of Neuroinformatics. Harnessing groundbreaking instruments and methodologies, we are mapping brain architecture and functionality at an extraordinary resolution and scale, producing vast datasets. This surge of information demands innovative computational approaches and broad collaborations, setting the stage for AI-driven discovery. The 2024 INCF Assembly will highlight the transformative impact of state-of-the-art technology and collective ingenuity on our comprehension of the brain. Immerse yourself in the cutting edge of brain science, where innovative tools, shared expertise, and the pursuit of understanding meet to decode the essence of intelligence.

The 2024 INCF Assembly is hosted at the University of Texas at Austin on Sep 23-25, with training activities Sep 26-27.

Investigator presentations deadline: 8 April

Are you interested in speaking at INCF Neuroinformatics Assembly 2024? We are seeking 3 investigator presentations for each of the 4 main sessions at INCF Neuroinformatics Assembly 2024: 

  • FAIR neuroscience
  • Technologies for large-scale computation and team science
  • Applications of AI to neuroscience research
  • Closing the discovery loop and digital twins

Those selected for investigator presentations will have their registration fee waived.

Submit your abstract today at:

Poster abstract submission deadline: May 22

Poster abstract submission is open for the topics above and the additional following topics:

  • Informatics for brain modeling
  • Science gateways and reproducible computing
  • Collaborative neuroscience knowledge building tools
  • Large-scale databasing and mega-analyses
  • Knowledge infrastructure
  • Data standards and reproducibility
  • Machine learning and data mining
  • Novel analytics for clinical data

Submit your abstract today at:

If you have questions, please contact us at

INCF Assembly website: