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How does INCF support FAIR research data management in neuroscience?

21 June 2022

One of INCF’s core activities is the endorsement and promotion of already existing community Standards and Best Practices (SBPs). We have working groups developing newSBPs, and/or developing tools that implement SBPs to make them useful for the rest of the community. You can read more about why and how we endorse Standards and Best Practices, and browse our Standards and Best Practices portfolio.

The INCF Council for Science, Training and Infrastructure (CTSI) is one of the governing bodies of INCF. It consists of scientific representatives from INCF members and serves as the scientific advisory board to the Governing Board. It is responsible for coordinating the INCF network’s global neuroinformatics activities including  the development and endorsement of SBPs, and is currently developing a FAIR roadmap for neuroscience.

We also facilitate training and education in FAIR, data science, neuroscience and neuroinformatics by offering hundreds of free virtual lectures and courses on our TrainingSpace. We also strive to make available training material on how to implement our endorsed SBPs in your own research.

How can you become involved? 

If you have any questions about how to get involved, contact us at