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Funding opportunities February 2022

11 February 2022


The Simons Foundation, under the Simons Collaboration on the Global Brain initiative
Supports hosting courses, conferences and workshops relevant to the SCGB mission. Courses that focus on training in computational and theoretical neuroscience, and conferences that focus on the fields of systems and computational neuroscience are particularly encouraged to apply.
Deadlines: Letters of intent due by 11.59pm EST, 22 February 2022; applications due by 1 March 2022.

BRAIN Initiative: Standards to Define Experiments Related to the BRAIN Initiative 
Supports the development of data standards that describe experimental protocols that are being conducted as part of the BRAIN initiative.
Deadlines: 14 June 2022, 14 June 2023, 14 June 2024

International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) & UNESCO science of learning fellowships
Support a period of residence at IBE-UNESCO’s headquarters for training on translating neuroscience research on learning and the brain to educators, policy makers and governments. Applicants should have at least 10 years of experience.
Deadline: 10 March 2022


International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) global engagement seed grants 
Supports neuroscience societies, groups and organizations that would like to conduct outreach events and activities in their local areas.
Deadline: August 2022 

International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) meetings support
Supports symposia, short courses, workshops and meetings on important topics in neuroscience within the Asia-Pacific, Latin American and pan-European regions.
Deadline: October 2022

International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) international travel grants
Enable neuroscientists of 40 years of age or younger to participate in international neuroscience meetings. Meetings must take place between July and December 2022.
Deadline: March 2022

International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) collaborative research grants
Fosters international scientific collaboration and development of human resources by facilitating collaboration between emerging research groups or between an emerging research group and an established research group. Applications must be made by collaborators from two different IBRO regions.
Deadline: June 2022

International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) early-career awards
Supports early-career principal investigators by providing supplemental laboratory funding.
Applicants must have started their first independent research laboratory within the last five years. 
Deadline: July 2022

International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) exchange fellowships
Supports early career neuroscientists from diverse geographic and scientific areas in broadening the scope of their training in neuroscience by conducting goal-directed laboratory visits in established laboratories. Applicants must be from a European country and may apply for exchanges only within the Pan-European region.
Deadline:  Unknown