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Call for community review of NetPyNE - deadline February 9, 2024

11 December 2023

INCF is asking for your help to review NetPyNE to assess its value as a community standard.

Participating is simple; read the INCF SBP committee review report here and leave your feedback in the comments! You can comment to express your support, to point out possibilities for improvement - or both. We are especially interested in hearing from researchers producing, sharing, or reusing neural simulation data, and from tool developers who would be interested in implementing support for neuron model / classification standards or use them as part of their workflow.

NetPyNE is an open-source Python package designed for the development, simulation, and analysis of biological neuronal networks. Built on top of the widely used NEURON simulator, NetPyNE is a high-level interface for creating, managing, and simulating complex neural network models using declarative network specification. Integrating all the major steps of the modeling workflow under a single framework, NetPyNE enables users to define their model across scales, from molecules to neurons to circuits. Included are tools for analyzing and visualizing simulation results, which have been used in the rendering of various detailed models of the motor, auditory, and somatosensory thalamocortical circuits, and of spinal cord circuits in peer-reviewed publications. Additionally, NetPyNE can interface/integrate with other tools and standards such as the NeuroML and SONATA standardized formats, the LFPykit tool, and is now an official service on the Human Brain Project EBRAINS platform. Users can get started by consulting the comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and examples which have already been generated by the growing NetPyNE community. 

Feedback from the community is an important part of our review process; it helps us ensure that the standard has community support and is useful and practical to the community. By commenting, you contribute to improving the standard for current and future users!

The community review is open until February 9th, 2024.