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Announcing MATLAB Community Toolbox Training Projects

25 May 2022

This summer, INCF industry member Mathworks will sponsor INCF-supported* summer projects for trainees to work on neuroscience-related Community toolboxes.

During a trial run last year, four trainees worked with mentors from the toolboxes Automatic Analysis, EEGLAB, FieldTrip  and MatNWB. This summer, participation is open to a wider range of participants and toolboxes. Participants are expected to be familiar with MATLAB and to have some prior coding experience. The program page has instructions on how to apply.

Projects sponsored within this program will be scoped to approximately 7 weeks of full-time work, but can be spread out over a somewhat longer time frame with part-time effort. Project work will preferably start by July 11.

The list of participating toolboxes is constantly updated. Suitable mentors – leaders and/or developers of MATLAB Community Toolbox repositories – are invited to come forward by contacting

See the program page for more details!

* Coordination of sponsored project programs is a possible member benefit for INCF Industry members. The INCF Secretariat will disseminate information about the program, coordinate the process of pairing trainees with mentors, monitor the progress of the projects and handle the financial administration.