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IT Infrastructure to Support the Secondary Use of Routinely Acquired Clinical Imaging Data for Research

In Neuroinformatics, researchers propose an infrastructure for the automated anonymization, extraction and processing of image data stored in clinical data repositories to make routinely acquired imaging data available for research purposes.

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Intuitive and efficient data visualization and sharing tools

In Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, researchers present a web application that allows users to explore and request the complex datasets that need to be shared among the neuroimaging community. The COINS (Collaborative Informatics and Neuroimaging Suite) Data Exchange uses web application technologies to facilitate data sharing in three phases: Exploration, Request/Communication, and Download.


The highly sensitive brain: an fMRI study

In Brain and Behavior (Wiley), researchers examine the neural correlates of sensory processing sensitivity (SPS, a trait associated with greater sensitivity and reactivity to stimuli) among 18 individuals in response to photos of their romantic partners and strangers displaying positive, negative, or neutral facial expressions.

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INCF receives contributions from our member countries, based on gross domestic expenditures on research and development.

Karolinska Institutet and the Royal Institute of Technology are the host institutions of INCF. Further support is also received from the Swedish Research Council,
the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research and the National Science Foundation.


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