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Reproducible Research and Open Neuroscience

Contact Information

Contact: TBA

Co-chair: Stephen Eglen, University of Cambridge, UK
Co-chair: Tibor Auer, Royal Holloway University of London, UK


This SIG will coordinate interactions among researchers who are interested in reproducible research issues and open science. We will promote policies that support reproducibility, encourage better training in this area, and organize information about resources to make them more visible to the neuroscience community.

Goals and outcomes

Our goal is to hold workshops, seminars, and hackathons that are organized around issues related to reproducibility and open neuroscience. The SIG aims to organize a website that makes outcomes available to the research community including available resources, and white papers and recommendations that result from workshops. We will have multiple activities each year alongside relevant conferences, focusing on the needs of specific research communities. We will organize Google hangout meetings that are open to everyone that will serve as a forum for bringing the entire community together to focus on common issues.