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Biophysically based Computational Models of Glial - Neuron Coupling

Contact Information


Chair: Liam McDaid, Ulster University, UK
Deputy Chair:Alexei Verkhratsky, University of Manchester, UK


This SIG aims to bring together experimentalists within the glial community with computational modellers, with objective to provide a forum to foster detailed interactions and advance astro-centric brain models.

About this SIG

This special interest group recognises the need for much closer collaboration between neuroscientists focused on neuron glial interactions and the modelling community. Specifically the SIG will promote a fundamental reshaping of the way brain function and dysfunction is modelled. Therefore, its aim is provide a forum to facilitate the exchange of ideas and new thinking around how these two different cell types interact by coordinating meetings and workshops  between these communities and providing a common area by which experimental data and computational models and tools can be exchanged. Long term this SIG will aim to host a dedicated conference where papers by leading researchers on special topics will be invited.

Goals and outcomes

Through meetings and discussions this SIG will challenge the existing “neuro-centric” doctrine and call for a more “astro-centric” thinking around brain function and brain dysfunction.

Past meetings

SIG meeting in Kuala Lumpur, August 22, in conjunction with Neuroinformatics 2017.