MUlti-SImulation Coordinator (MUSIC) is a software that allows large scale neuron simulators to communicate during runtime.

  • Allows exchange of data among parallel applications in a cluster environment
  • Interconnects large-scale neuronal network simulators with each other or with other tools
  • Participates in multi-simulations 
  • Continuously developed and extended
  • Three simulators currently have MUSIC interfaces: Moose, NEURON and NEST

Three applications (A, B, and C) execute in parallel while exchanging data via MUSIC. The software interface promotes interoperability by allowing models written for different simulators to be simulated together in a larger system. It enables re-usability of models or tools by providing a standard interface. As data are distributed over a number of processors, it is non-trivial to coordinate data transfer so that it reaches the correct destination at the correct time.

The MUSIC library was released to the scientific community in the form of a pilot implementation in March 2009, and is continuously developed and extended. Prior to its first release, INCF actively solicited comments from the community on the proposed design and prototype specifications.

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